About Family Genealogy Tree

  1. The focus of this family tree is the descendants of the Swisher Family Patriarch, Jacob River Swisher.
  2. To locate an individual within this tree, use the “Person Index” drop down, and click on the “link #” in the last column on the right.
  3. The names and information included in this tree are limited. To access additional information, go to a tree outside of this data base.
  4. A link to appropriate trees will be shown, if the owner of the tree has given permission to add it.
  5. To limit the size of this tree, I have decided to only include direct line individual family members, for members of the Swisher Genealogy Facebook Group, who have provided their ancestral lineage.
    1. There are members of the Swisher Genealogy Facebook Group, who are of a different Swisher line and are hoping that, through the use of the Facebook Group and this website, they might be able to find a common ancestor tying their line in with the Jacob River Swisher line.
    2. Hopefully in the near future I will be able to add their lines into this tree also, so that more people can be on the lookout for a common ancestral tie in.