Attacked by Aliens

Do you ever have nightmares? I had severe nightmares from the time I was a fifth grader, on through college, and for several years after I was married.

When I have a nightmare, I don’t just scream—no I take action. I get involved in the nightmare.

When in college, this drove my roommates crazy. They never knew what to expect, or what to do when I had a nightmare. For those who only heard about my nightmares, they never really could understood what happened to me or anything around me, when I had a nightmare.

So here is one of my college nightmare stories. I lived in a rooming house on the second floor, with one roommate. I had a bed that was next to a window. One particular night, I had a nightmare about aliens. There really is no way to describe what the aliens looked like. However, I will try to describe the aliens I saw that night. No, they weren’t green. But they had a metallic look to them. They did have little antennas on their heads. There were several of them, not just one. They were flying through the air outside of my window. I didn’t see any flying saucer or such. Their shape was similar to some of the modern day robots like R2D2, but there was also an aspect of their shape that reminds you of ET of the movie ET Phone Home.

On this particular night, I was very concerned that they would come through the window into my room, and I prepared myself for that potentiality. Well it happened—They came through the window. They didn’t break the glass. They didn’t lift the window to open it. They just came through the window.

And I took action. I got in a fight with them. As far as I’m concerned, I won, because they left, back through the same window, and I went back to sleep. The nightmare was over.

The next morning my roommate, who had been absent that night, returned and observed our furniture scattered around the room, but also noted the black eye I was sporting. “How did you get that black eye” he asked?

Well, I told him, the aliens were attacking me and I fought back. Apparently the chair that was upside down, nowhere near where it belonged, was what I attacked. Although I won, in my opinion, because the aliens left; in reality the chair won, because when I attacked the alien (actually the chair) I got the black eye.

It’s very difficult to explain to others that I got a black eye from attacking aliens that came into my room. You try explaining it sometime—I dare you.

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