Coming Soon-Swisher Reunion Two-Volume DVD Disc Collection

Over three thousand pages from the nineteen volume set of Jerome Bonaparte Swisher Reunion notebooks, digitized and set in a slide show format. If runJasper William Swisher Log Home in Oklahoma uninterrupted, the slide show will last over 4 ½ hours. (Pictures inserted in this blog are examples of what will be in the DVD collection.)

One DVD formatted to run as a PowerPoint slide show, and searchable by chapters (notebooks) and major subjects.

A second DVD formatted to run as a video slide show on a TV, with menu options to view sFamily Group Sheetelected chapters, or the entire collection.

Each year at the Swisher Reunion, held in alternate years in Kansas and Oklahoma, all nineteen notebooks are on display for anyone to look through. However as reunions go, there is very little time to look through the notebooks and one would be lucky to look at only one or two notebooks for a very short timJasper William Swisher and Uriah Morgan Swishere because of the many other things on the reunion agenda.

The reunion officers were concerned that the possibility existed for a major catastrophe to destroy this irreplaceable collection. The collection consists of photos, newspaper clippings, and vital statistic documents. Many, many family group sheets, descendant charts, and notes by Swisher researchers. Reunion photos, old letters, first-hand accounts of many historic events in the Swisher history, tombstone pictures as well as other items collected over the years. This collection began with the first Jerome Bonaparte Swisher Reunion held in 1922 and with additions from Swisher relatives over the many years of annual reunFirst Reunion  1922ions since then.

The reunion officers authorized me, at the Kansas Swisher Reunion in August of 2013 to digitize this collection. I will be presenting a copy of this DVD set to both the Kansas and Oklahoma Reunion officers at the Oklahoma reunion, August 17, 2014. Location of the reunion not yet been announced.

In addition, I amFirst Hand Account of the Oklahoma Strip making this two-volume set of DVD discs available for sale to anyone interested in having this collection in their own library. Cost will be minimal to cover the cost of materials and a small amount for well over one thousand hours of work on this project. Final amount and shipping costs is yet to be determined.

If you are interested in having a set, please let me know now so that I can have an idea how many to prepare and I can insure that you get an order form when available.

Later, approximately early May, I will have the final price set, and an First Page of Oklahoma Strip Accountorder form will be available for a pre-release special, with a deadline set for payment. Those that pre-order by the deadline, will receive the set at the Swisher Reunion. For those pre-ordered and are unable to attend, the DVD’s will be shipped immediately after the reunion. There will be a minimum number of sets available first come, first served at the reunion, and order forms will be available at the reunion.

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