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    1. I just wanted to say HI! I’m from the Jacob Rivers Swisher line and I have really enjoyed your site!

    2. Hello to all you Swisher descendants. I have very much enjoyed reading this. Alice Swisher was my Great-Grandmother. Wondering how I can become a member of this group.

    3. Curtis,

      First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Larry Nelson, the son of Linda Tinkler Nelson, the grand son of Lois Tinkler and the great grandson of Grace Swisher Andrew. This should make us third cousins.

      This web site is a great idea for the Swisher’s. Your mother, Loraine, would have enjoyed it. When I was in Boy Scouts earning my Genealogy Merit Badge, I spoke with your mother about the Swisher’s and she gave me a lot of information.

      Loraine created a book about all the Swisher’s that have served in the military and I am in that book, which I have a copy of it.

      I have many questions to ask you about the Swisher’s and I would like to speak with you some time.

      Keep up the excellent work!!!!!!

    4. Curtis – Great job. I have many pictures you might enjoy seeing. We live near San Antonio but will be in Kansas in May , 2017.
      I have been reading the articles in “A Time to Laugh, A Time to Cry” compiled by Emily Bogan Swisher around 2000.
      My mother was Margaret Swisher Shubert; daughter of Joe Swisher; who was son of John Benjamin Swisher; in the Jerome Bonaparte Swisher, (for whom I was named), John L. Swisher, Jacob River Swisher line.

      1. Great to hear from you. I’m glad you enjoyed my website. I see that you are not a member of my FB group called Swisher Genealogy. It is open to anyone, just go there and request to join. There are over 250 members now and most are very active. A majority are from the Jerome Bonaparte Line, but I have expanded and now have many of Jerome’s thirteen children’s lines represented. I also expanded it to include those Swisher’s who are trying to tie into the Jacob Rivers Swisher line. We are getting close. I would love to tell you more. I wrote about two pages worth, but it is much easier to communicate via email, so please contact me again via my email which is I have lots to tell you and want to hear a lot from you, including your Kansas trip plans in May. I live in Collinsville, IL just across the river from St. Louis. I also love to Skype so use my email to Skype me on the computer for a face to face. I am a late night person, sleep in until late morning, but am on the computer until a minimum of 1-3 in the morning (sometimes still on it when the sun comes up.) I look forward to hearing from you soon. Cousin Curt

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