Family Genealogy Tree

  1. The focus of the family trees posted on this page is the direct line descendants of the Swisher Family Patriarch, Jacob River Swisher.
  2. Each of Jacob River Swisher’s children are shown in this tree.
  3. Both this website and the Swisher Genealogy Facebook Group were created to work in tandem.
    1. Most Members of the Facebook group descend from one of the twelve children of Jacob River Swisher.
      1. For those members who have provided their ancestral lineage information, I have added that lineage to this tree.
      2. The reason is that I had many requests by members to understand how they are related to other members of this Facebook group.
    2.  There are some members of this group who are descendants of other Swisher Families, not descended from Jacob River Swisher.
      1. It  is their hope that eventually they will find a common ancestor that will tie them into the Jacob River Swisher Family. It is my desire to find tie-ins to other Swisher lines also, so to help in that research effort, I am including a tree for each of them, showing their ancestral lineage back to approximate 1785 (the year that Jacob River Swisher was born.)
  4. To save space the trees on this website page are of a limited nature. Only basic name, birth and death dates plus spouses are included.
    1. If you want to know more about these individuals, you need to follow the links provided (if available) to the searchers family tree sites. Those links will be posted on a “Family Tree Link Page” in the drop down menu. There you will also find a short bio about his person who is searching, and basic information about their search for our common ancestor
  5. To locate an individual within these trees, use the “Person Index” drop down, find the individual you are looking for, and click on the “link #” in the last column on the right.