Fixing a Meal for My Kids—You Didn’t Really Do That, Did You?

When my wife left for a weekend conference, with our baby in tow, I was left home to baby sit for our oldest three children. A two year old, a four year old, and a five year old.

I wanted to make sure that they had an enjoyable time, which included lots of fun games etc. But when it came to meal time, I was really wondering what I would fix them that they all would like.

I love to cook, and I am a very creative cook. Most of the time, my meals that I create are “more normal.” But occasionally I get a wild idea.

This was one of the times I had a wild idea.

When asked what I was going to make them, my response was—it’s a surprise.

So what was in my surprise? Well here is the recipe. Maybe you will want to try it. HaHa!

Step one: Boil some elbow macaroni.

Step two: Add some stewed tomatoes.

Step three: Spit some hotdogs almost all the way through.

Step four: Stuff the hotdogs with peanut butter.

Step five: Mix altogether, and simmer awhile until the tomatoes etc . are hot.

Step six: Make a bowl of popcorn, and dump it all on top of the Macaroni, stewed tomato, and hotdog/peanut butter mixture.

When the meal is ready and your kids ask what you made them,

 –tell them it’s called POPCORN SURPRISE.

They loved it.

When my wife came home and asked them what they had to eat, they all chimed in and said Popcorn Surprise. When she asked what was in it, they told her. I don’t think she really believed what they were telling her, as she turned to me and asked, what was REALLY in it. I told her, “exactly what they described” She couldn’t believe it.

By the way, they asked for her to make it many times over the next year or so. I don’t think they have ever forgotten about Dad making them Popcorn Surprise.

One thought on “Fixing a Meal for My Kids—You Didn’t Really Do That, Did You?”

  1. Yes, it’s true. And it was truly unforgettable. I honestly don’t remember alot of my Dad’s cooking when we were growing up, but this was one I remember well and have told others about. And Mom’s incredulous reaction (perfectly recalled here) made it even better!

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