Have You Ever Been Accused of Nagging?

For the men reading this crazy tale, I have one question. Did you ever nag your wife? Ladies, I am sure you know what I am talking about.

My wife had a very subtle sense of humor, and she was very determined. However, you would not know anything happened until it was too late.

Early on in our marriage, when I would lose a button off my shirt, I would invariably ask her to sew it back on. Her response to me was, “you know how to sew,” and that was that. I hate to sew (yes I know how, and I still hate to sew) and so the shirt would just sit there, unrepaired.

A few days later, I would try again. “Honey would you please sew the button on my shirt?” Answer: “You know how to sew.”

A few days later, I would try again. Same results, only this time she would remind me that I was nagging.

I guess I was just a little dense, because a few days later I asked the same question. Obviously, I had crossed the invisible line of too much nagging. The next day my shirt was hanging up where it belonged and my first thought was that she had sewed the button on.

Yes, she had sewed the button on, and about another 50 buttons sewed on all over the shirt.

The moral of this story, do not nag your wife, especially if she has such a determined and subtle sense of humor. You WILL regret it. By the way, it did take a couple more “incidents” of nagging too much before I finally got the message. But I’ll save those for another “Crazy Tale” story time. LOL.

Note, I am now widowed after 42 years of marriage and I still create a pile of shirts needing buttons sewed on–I just can’t bring myself to sew them on until I am desperate for a shirt.


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