My initiation into the world of DNA

A few months ago, an individual approached me, asking if I had done my DNA. I indicated I wanted to but was not ready to put up the money needed. That individual, actually offered to pay for me to do so. (See my DNA guidelines about allowing others to pay for your DNA.) After negotiating with that individual, I agreed with the understanding that I would be fully in charge of my DNA results.

Six to eight weeks later on March 23, I received my Ancestry DNA results.

  1. Within days, I not only was able to answer the question that benefactor was looking for.
  2. Was able to make connection with previously unknown individuals in TWO different Swisher cousin lines.
  3. Reconnected with a cousin line that I had lost track of on my mother’s side.
  4. Found an individual that gives a connection to another cousin line on my mother’s side that leads me closer to breaking down a brick wall on that line.
  5. Was given nine DNA circles, the majority on lines I have been actively researching for information, to follow up with, which I am doing.

So I am extremely happy with my DNA results. In addition as stated in number 5 above, I have leads on many, many other potential relatives. I am following up on those through normal email changes. Stay tuned for the results that will come from those emails.

I also have been studying hard about how to use the DNA results to my advantage. I can tell you this, if you go to you will be able to learn so much about DNA in general and specifically about Ancestry DNA Circles, which is what I am having so much luck with. Check it out.

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