My Memoirs

There are several definitions of the word “Memoir.”

“Autobiography” is one of those definitions for memoir. Usually when you hear someone wrote their autobiography, you might think that the person writing it was someone noteworthy, like a famous author, politician, scientist, etc. That brings us to the second definition for memoir—meaning “an account of something noteworthy.”

So who am I to write my “Memoir?” Well to tell the truth, my life has meaning, and purpose, and is therefore noteworthy. You do not have to be famous to write your memoir.

This year at my family Christmas gathering, my grandkids asked me to tell some of my “stories.” We had a ball. This was not the first request for me to tell my stories, and not just from my family. One former boss wanted me to tell a particular story at a party.

A treasured books of mine, is a collection of memories of my Great Grandfather Jerome Bonaparte Swisher. This collection of memories, submitted by many relatives, was put together by my cousin Emily Bogan Swisher, and called “A Time To Laugh, A Time To Cry.”

Realizing how much I enjoy reading about those memories of my relatives, and realizing that my grandkids really do want to hear my stories, I have decided to write “My Memoirs.” I will try to write them on a regular basis, so stay tuned. I think you will like some of my stories. I’m sure many of them will cause you to “LOL.”



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