My next project–A history of the westard migration of my Swisher ancestors

Scrapbook # 103-2- view of Monogahela River as John L Swisher would have seen it
Fig. 1 View of the Monongahela River from where John L. Swisher built his home in Newport

Now that I have finished the Swisher Reunion DVD set I have decided to follow up on a dream I have had for several years and that is to write a history of my Swisher ancestors and their westward migration.

Here is a little taste of what will be in the history book, or booklet. I haven’t decided how long it will be yet. These are pictures I took on a trip to Catawba back in May of 1999.

The town of Newport (now called Catawba) was established when Jacob River Swisher sold lots in 1836. His son, John L. Swisher purchased one of the lots and figure 1 is the view he would have had from his home (the home is no longer there).

Jacob River Swisher also donated the land for a church and a cemetery. Here is a picture of both of them. Jacob and his wife are buried under the big tree, but there is no

Catawba WV0007
Fig. 2 Catawba Methodist Church (original one burned and was rebuilt)
Catawba WV0013
Fig. 3 Catawba cemetery, old section, land donated by Jacob River Swisher

marker left to indicate exactly where.

And one more picture is of the hotel that was built and owned by one of my Swisher ancestors. It was still there in 1999.

Catawba WV0011
Fig. 4 Hotel built and owned by a Swisher about two to three blocks uphill from the river.

I hope this gives you an idea of what I will include in my book. If any of you have any additional pictures, information, etc. I would welcome it. The book will include background from West Virginia plus travels to Kansas, Oklahoma, and more.


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