My Wife Jeannie’s Life From Childhood to Marriage

These twenty images represent about 25 percent of the pages in one of 40 scrapbook albums created by Jeannie describing our childhoods, and life together from dating, to marriage, to empty nesters.

5 thoughts on “My Wife Jeannie’s Life From Childhood to Marriage”

  1. What an awesome job. I love how your two interests work together to make an awesome project. Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. One of the reasons for my website is to locate those who want to know if they might be related. It is amazing how many Swishers there are in this world. What seems like the name is not very common place, in reality they are everywhere. I would be glad to pursue with your friends, the possibility of being related, but to do so I have to know more details. Have them check out the companion to this website, my Swisher Genealogy Facebook group, where there are Swishers from all across the USA sharing with each other as we pursue learning more about our common ancestry.

  2. I love her scrapbook. I too am working on one and seeing a finished one is very helpful. Did she use any certain software or did she just do a page and then you photograph and it to the computer?

    1. My current project is to photograph all of her scrapbook albums. My wife passed away in 2012 and we have four grown kids. Each of our kids would love to have the originals, but that of course is impossible, so by photographing them, I can create a set, like the ones I just posted here, for each of them. Then each of them will get “some” of the originals eventually. My wife was extremely organized and had kept a detailed journal of virtually every photo she had taken over the years. Besides the 40 albums that were completed, I estimate that she still had about 2,000 more pictures that were not yet put into a scrapbook.

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