Plat of Newport WV (now Catawba)

This is a partial photo of a map I have in my possession. The names are very hard to read, but also on the map was a description about this plate of Newport. Here it is:

“The inset map of Newport reveals the lots that Jacob R. Swisher, in part, sold before his demise. M. Swisher is Morgan, J. L. Swisher is John, M. Powell is Marion, E. E. Powell is Eugenious, Q. Haun is Quitman, D. C. Haun is Dallas, Mrs. S. Harris is Seth.”

Obviously there are other names on the map too. Maybe you the reader can figure out who they are.

For my own purposes, John L. Swisher is my 2nd Great Grandfather and the son of Jacob River Swisher. His plot is in between the railroad and the road that is parallel to the river, directly above the plot for J. McDonald. The photo in my previous post is the view from this location. The creek show is Little Creek which flows into the Monongahela River, and that is where the settlement originated.

Plat of Newport WV (Catawba)0002

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