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Product # S131     80 pages    $20.00 (covers the cost of publication and shipping). 

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 “The Life Story of Loraine Maxine Donal Swisher”

One of my mother’s last requests was that I finish her life story for her. She had been writing it for years and basically had it done in March 1990, but she lived until February 2004.

Just recently, I decided to fulfill her request. As much as possible I kept her original writing in tact, editing only a few items that needed clarification. Since she lived an additional fourteen years, I asked her children and grandchildren to add their memories of her as well as some of their favorite recipes, as she was well-known to be a very good cook. Following is an excerpt (page 15) from that story.

             “My parents had a farm sale in February 1934 and moved to McPherson in March 1934. However Marjorie and I continued to stay in Marquette and completed the school year in Marquette where I graduated from Marquette High School on May 21, 1934.

           ” School waLife story cover pages not easy for me and I really had to study to make my grades especially in High school. There was so much reading that had to be done and I was a slow reader; but I managed to get through and though some of my grades weren’t the best I didn’t make too bad a student according to my report cards. I was just an average student

           ” We went to church and Sunday School at the Baker or Excelsior Church which was six miles south and one and one fourth miles west of Marquette until I was about nine or ten years old. This was a little country Methodist church and my parents attended there before they were married. There was and is a cemetery there and my grandpa and grandma Donal, three aunts and one uncle are buried there.”

Late Spring/Early Summer

Two-Volume DVD Set
Swisher Reunion Notebook Collection

Product # S141  Swisher Reunion Notebook Collection  $To Be Determined 

Over three thousand pages from the nineteen volume set of Jerome Bonaparte Swisher Reunion notebooks, digitized and set in a slide show format. If runJasper William Swisher Log Home in Oklahoma uninterrupted, the slide show will last over 4 ½ hours. (Pictures shown here are examples of what will be in the DVD collection.)

One DVD formatted to run as a PowerPoint slide show, and searchable by chapters (notebooks) and major subjects.

A second DVD formatted to run as a video slide show on a TV, with menu options to view sFamily Group Sheetelected chapters, or the entire collection.

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