Swisher Books In My Collection

Over the years I have collected several books about family history. Most are worth having and one is not worth the money, let alone of being of any use for genealogy research.

Swisher Books that I have in my personal collection (by date):

“The Swisher Family of Harrison and Lewis Counties West Virginia” by Robert Edward Swisher © 1974 [Robert Edward Swisher and Bob Swisher are the same individual.]

Early Swisher and Switzer Families in Virginia and West Virginia, by Bob Swisher © 1979.

“The Swisher Family Heritage Book” by Beatrice Bayley © 1980

[note: this book sounds like a good reference book for Swisher genealogy/history—not so. This is a very generic and inadequate synopsis of general history information, along with a lot of blank forms for you to fill in with your own genealogy research. The only thing that has anything to do with Swisher’s, is a computer printout of names and addresses taken from current public records, in 1980, available to anyone, throughout the United States. Even this printout is not comprehensive and not of use for the serious researcher. Basically, in my opinion, a waste of money.]

“Memories: John Benjamin and Mary Olive Swisher” compiled by Mrs. Richard (Loraine) Swisher, Mrs. Marion (Margaret) Shubert, and Mrs. Dale (Ethelene) Cook © 1987

“Military Memories of John Benjamin Swisher Descendants” compiled by Loraine M. Swisher © 1990.

“The Swisher Wigton Family Tree” compiled by Curt Swisher © 1998 (Christmas)

“A Time To Laugh, A Time To Cry!” by Emily Bogan Swisher © 1999

“A Swisher Family: Some Descendants of Mary and Peter Swisher, West Virginia Pioneers” by Robert Edward Swisher, with some sections by Albert Willis Swisher © 2011.

“ The Life Story of Loraine Maxine Donal Swisher”, written by Loraine Maxine Donal Swisher, March 25, 1990, compiled and edited by her son, Curt Swisher © 2013.

“The Jerome Bonaparte Swisher Family” DVD set, by Curt Swisher © 2014

I am constantly looking for Swisher history books, and would welcome learning about any you have that are not part of my collection. Please let me know if you have any.

I do have several other family history books, for other surnames that are connected to my own history, both Swisher and Donal lines but saw no need to list them here.